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Name:Albert Silverberg
From The Air and Stars by cartoon-TV

history is shaped by the individual

Name: Albert Silverberg
Fandom: Suikoden III
Age: 31 (February 18 16)
Height: 186 cm (6'1")
Wing Color: Black
Filial Magic: Wind (Kipinn), Lightning (Tsinku), Earth (Faeren), Fire (Eferin), Water (Sona)
Other Magic: Runic//Pale Gate Rune (forehead), ? (left hand, now visible)
Other Characteristics: Scars encircling wrists (covered by gloves), pierced ears and right wing, invisible mark on back of left hand

that will get us nothing but chaos

The serious and self-promoting older grandson of Leon Silverberg and brother to Caesar. One of the four Destroyers that pulled the strings during the Second Fire Bringer War, Albert manipulated the armies of Holy Harmonia, supplied information to Luc, and summoned Yuber from his grandfather's notes. He ultimately betrayed everyone, leaking information to the Fire Bringer as to where Luc was located and escaping with a job offer from another nation. It is said that he is now a strategist employed by two countries located on different continents.

they must be shown the bitter reality

Having lived in the monitored environment of Luceti for over two years, Albert has been exposed to numerous experiments and near-death experiences. He commands a fair amount of respect amongst the residents, especially those who have been around awhile. His time spent in Luceti has desensitized him to the constant abductions and disappearances, and he now spends most of his time observing the journals and gathering information. He speaks very little of his own world and the life that was interrupted by Luceti, though the recent appearances of people from his world have opened up topics previously left unbreached.

do I sense a lingering attachment to this world?

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Time flows from cause to effect like a mathematical equation. Mortals don't understand that. They're pathetic. My family, the Silverbergs, have worked hard for generations to put history on the right track, so to speak.

[A character journal for [community profile] luceti.]

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