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September 16

[While he had heard of the people -- echoes of people -- appearing around the village, Albert did not happen to see one right away. It's as he's taking a break outside of Celsius Tear that he takes notice of a teenage girl standing in front of the mural by the Welcome Center. He descends the stairs to watch her.

That had been ... almost three years ago now, he recalled as he watched the girl cheerfully set down a bucket of yellow paint. Without paying him any attention or seeing the completed mural in front of her, the girl dipped a paintbrush into the bucket and began making sweeping motions across the mural. Pao-Lin, he finally recalls as she bends over to dip her paintbrush again.

He watches for a while, eventually looking over his shoulder at the other mural that surrounded the fountain. That had been another of her projects with volunteers, done a year later.

He can't help but think about that saying as he watches her paint -- that art only found its value after its artist was gone.]


September 17

[The fountain plaza proves to be a good spot to see the 'echoes,' and Albert decides to take his breaks outside to observe despite the weather looking increasingly storm-like. Sometimes the person he sees is only a flicker of movement, walking around the fountain or sitting on its edge, eating lunch. Once or twice he even sees a person seated or running across a rooftop, leaving him pondering what could have been happening at that time to lead to that behavior.

It's foolish to hope that he'll see a familiar face, he knows. But he still watches.]


September 18, early afternoon

[It seems oddly fitting that he sees echoes of Nami and Yuber on the day of the thunderstorm. Nami, back before she had begun to grow weary of having such awful luck with picking fights with the wrong people. Back before she had been a threat.

...This must have been when Nami declared she would arrest Yuber, going by her uncharacteristic uniform, untouched by the falling rain. He certainly remembered that.]

[Albert can be found in Celsius Tear in the mornings or around the fountain plaza and its stores in the afternoons.]


September 19, evening (cw: limb loss) )
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[The influx of people in the village is certainly strange, viewable as it is from the second floor of the building that housed both the welcome center and Celsius Tear. The tea shop was still seeing business, especially with the "novelty" of food and service being free in the village, so even if he felt like returning to the house, he's kept busy between observing the newcomers and going between the shop and the grocery store.

There's that suspicion that there's bound to be something else going on, and he's gone through enough years to associate this time of the year with mysterious bouts of forgetfulness. He keeps a notebook on hand to write down his observations as the weekend continues.]

[Leon, for his part, is mostly fascinated by the fact that most of the newcomers seemed to be missing the telltale wings that people had from their world. There's also that encroaching suspicion that comes with large-scale strangeness; ever since that Shift that turned out to be a cultist invasion, he's looked at experiments with even more wariness than before. He sticks to the fountain plaza and the nearby bridges, as they seem to be good places to carefully look at the sea of new faces.]

[Walter wants nothing to do with whatever this is. Nope. Not at all. The last time something even somewhat similar to this had happened, memories were messed with thoroughly. No. He's not going to deal with that at all.

So he's just going to sit on top of the barracks and ignore at all these wingless wonders.]
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In the morning, upon waking up... )

[After retrieving his horse from the stables, he rides over to the clinic to pick up Raine and bring her back to the house. Then he's back in the room, assessing what's been left behind for several minutes before opening up his journal to speak.]

Caesar Silverberg has left Luceti. Since he was here for awhile, I'm sure he wished many of you well. Thank you.

[After his brief entry, Albert picks up some packages left by Caesar and leaves the house to walk across the village to house 24. By the time he's walking back to the plaza to pick up some wine at the bar, night has fallen and the sky is filled with clouds heavy with snow. He stands in the plaza, looking at the lightened sky contemplatively.

Why do I need to tell you to leave for you to go? Since when did you ... just volunteer to stay around?

My presence may irritate you, but you shouldn't have to deal with this by yourself. Kind of like shoveling this snow.

His arm burns, his hand clenching into a shaking fist as he takes a deep breath and heads south, towards the house.

He would be shoveling snow tomorrow. Alone.]
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[Forwarded to afternoon of Sunday, November 4]


As we have entered the sixth cycle year for Luceti, there are new calendars available for the upcoming year. Copies may be picked up at the library or the Welcome Center. Thank you.

[Right before the journal stops recording, there's the sound of loud banging against a far off window, followed by said window shattering.]


[Albert stares at his broken window. Or, more precisely, he stares beyond the broken window at the huge eyes peering at him from outside. Then there's the flutter of equally-huge wings and a resounding thump on the roof.

He hurries out of his room and into the spare room, quickly setting up the ladder and climbing up onto the roof.

And out there, standing there as patiently as can be, is a somewhat familiar giant owl, hunched over as to not look as imposing as it would at its full 12 feet of height. It is dressed with a big turquoise ribbon around its neck, which holds an envelope in place.]


[Three minutes later, after getting the owl to allow him to remove the envelope, Albert sits on his roof reading the enclosed letter.

A shame that you are still trapped in this world, my boy; we are still working away on solving this issue! Here is a gift in commemoration to when you first started contributing to the Organization. I had a feeling you would like it!

- With sympathy, Sir Catherine


[Above him, the giant owl clacks its beak almost understandingly at his exasperation.]
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[With the summer weather being what it is, it's been somewhat difficult to sleep at reasonable times -- even more so when you're still attempting to fix your sleeping schedule after resting from a mission. This is the only reason that Albert is preparing to take a shower at midnight, having collected his clothes for changing afterwards.

However, those plans vanish upon passing through the bathroom door as darkness immediately floods his vision. The air is thick and smells of sulfur, and the breeze tells him he's no longer safely indoors. He stumbles blindly for all of ten seconds before he stubs his foot on something and falls forward--

--right into the hot springs. With a resounding splash.

His journal luckily does not land in the water, but hits the ground in just the right way to start recording. There's coughing and several other splashes as Albert drags himself out of the water.

A few minutes more pass before the recording is stopped. It starts again several minutes later. Albert sounds hoarse, and the journal screen may be dim with firelight.]


"The fun starts at midnight," indeed. Do be careful of the weather today, everyone; it looks like it's going to be raining.


[Once he gets his bearings and has changed out of his soaked clothes into his drier set, Albert will attempt to leave the hot springs. This unfortunately means passing through another doorway to ... somewhere. Beware the accidental intruder in the middle of the night.

In the morning, he can be found drowsily sitting on the front steps of house 42. He's not taking the chance of walking through the front door and ending up somewhere else.]
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Days 1-2 (May 26-27)

[With the exception of a rude teleportation happening while he was in the shower on the first day, Albert has fortunately dodged the beginning effects of a very random experiment. He'll use that time to observe the experiment as it unfolds.]

Day 3 (May 28)

[Part of the day is unfortunately spent wearing the infamous Opera Mask, which is he well-acquainted with after last Halloween. While he can resolutely try to refrain from speaking (read: singing) with the mask on, he can't exactly stop the desire to stalk and attempt to abduct young women. …Not that he has anywhere to abduct them to.]

Day 4 (May 29)

[Another bout of normalcy. Time to go about his normal business and make sure there aren't people teleporting into the house or stables.]

Days 5-9 (May 30-June 3)

[A young boy no older than 10 can be found playing in the forest near community building 7 or up in the playground behind the school. He's restless and finding various ways to entertain himself, trying to change up what he's doing whenever his current activity bores him.

He doesn't mind his situation, or that he had to scour for clothes that would fit him before heading out. In fact, the first morning he detoured to play in the forest in an oversized shirt before getting to the clothing store.

On the 31st, he can even be found jumping in water puddles while it rains heavily. He's just … having fun. Enjoying himself.

…Speaking to him, however, may be a little startling, as he seems to have retained all of his memories of Luceti in this form.]

Day 10 (June 4)

[When he awakens on this particular day, Albert faintly thinks that his body should probably ache from running around as a child for the last few days. He also thinks he should relish in the fact he had gotten to sleep again.

After all, when one has no breath or heartbeat or need for sustenance, it's easy to forget what it's like to sleep. Such is the life of the living dead.

He can be found in or around house 42 in the morning, making note of the various things he had observed but not written down as a child, as well as reflecting on the last time they had such an varied experiment. Then it's time to wander around town to take in more of the sights.]

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[It's almost midnight and he hasn't received a response from Raine for almost three hours. Raine could be kept busy after school from time to time, but she had not mentioned anything that would keep her out late today -- especially this late.]

Has anyone seen or spoken to Professor Sage today? She is not answering to messages from her journal.


[Despite the chill in the air so late at night, Albert stands out on the porch outside of his house. There is fortunately no snow tonight, so he was able to send out Rune to scout around the nearby forests.

Part of him has already concluded that it's likely Raine was abducted by the rogue facilities. She had certainly not been sent back to her world, as her belongings were still intact and the journal system still recognized that she was there. But ... there was the faint concern that something else might have happened. Luceti wasn't safe from its own residents, after all.]
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Started: July 29, 2010
Last Modified: October 20, 2014

Accumulated items over time in Luceti )
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[Backdated to the late evening of December 24.

He is not surprised to find it snowing when he returns to Luceti and climbs out of the tunnels. The snow had proven to be irritating while he was outside of the barrier, and he is looking forward to getting inside before heavier snow begins falling.

He walks with a slight limp and stops once in awhile on the snow-covered streets, looking at the pale lights decorating various houses as he catches his breath. In the artificial light, the dark bruise across his left cheekbone may be visible.

Despite his frequent pauses in the snow, he walks with purpose. He'd like to sleep in his own bed tonight.]
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- Your next shower will be interrupted by a large mildly poisonous insect.
- Your sudden sweet tooth is probably a sign of impending doom.
- Duck!
- Learn to drive, jerk!

Albert had raised a brow when he had seen the horoscope predictions. There were, of course, mentions of the horoscopes and comments over the journals that the predictions were coming true. He's understandably somewhat wary when he takes his shower that day -- especially when the prediction comes true and he finds the hand-sized insect skittering around his feet. He jumps out of the shower.

The insect jumps out with him. And makes a beeline for the crack underneath the bathroom door.


After that experience, he finds himself heading to the plaza to visit ... the bakery. Anyone seeing him around the plaza or in the bakery will discover that he is being followed around by a male mallard duck -- everywhere. Maybe it has something to do with the prediction, or the fact that Albert seems to have taken to eating a lot of pastries. Either way, he is being followed by a duck. Everywhere.

Said mallard duck is still following him as he heads down to the battle dome -- because there is no other place that he can think of where he can cure this sudden need to learn how to drive. He may just spend the entire day there, which is entirely strange for him no matter what day it is.]
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[A singing voice resounds from the journal, almost completely unrecognizable to those familiar with the usual timbre of the strategist. The melodramatic lyrics certainly don't help.]

This morn I woke anew, the moon a sight to see
A face so troubling—ill intent, I glean
This mask of pallor white, unto me bound
Thus I sing unceasingly, myself confound

What ails the rest of you? What affects you now?
What power does the mask that you wear allow?
What urge consumes your soul? What sets you free?
Speak now, lest this mask be the end of me!

[The journal shuts abruptly at this point, cutting off further singing. Responses will come a little later.]

[Action - affected October 24-26]

[Albert can be found attempting to go through his normal routine -- taking care of his horse, going to the shops, taking notes about the moon. Unfortunately, once in awhile the mask's effects take hold and he finds himself slinking into the shadows to observe...]

[By the 27th, Albert will be rid of the Opera Mask and trying to avoid the other masks so he can focus on studying the moon and resulting "moon rocks." ...Though he does find himself in possession of a mask depicting the blue face of a certain former Malnosso CEO.]
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[Things have been fairly quiet in the village with the draftees away on their escort mission. House 42 is especially quiet, with its lone remaining resident spending each day feeding his housemates' pets and then taking care of the horses in the nearby stable. It keeps him busy enough.

He gets around to opening Sheena's tea house around noon today -- later than the last two days he has gone in. He never spends a whole afternoon in the shop; perhaps a few hours a day, just in case anyone is curious enough to look inside. Kogoro stays with him in the tea house, usually content with chewing on a milkbone toy he found in the item shop. Albert himself taps away at his laptop at one of the tables with a cup of jasmine tea nearby.

If anyone looks for him on this somewhat cold day, he can be found at the stables in the late morning or the tea shop for the early afternoon. He is also available by journal.]
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As a follow-up reminder to Rydia's latest entry, this month is likely to be another New Feather cycle month if the new Organization management continues the trend. The Welcome Center is always looking for volunteers when New Feathers arrive.

While the weather may be warmer, there are still watch stations outside the village that should be maintained and well-stocked. Any volunteers are welcome. For now, I am organizing the effort, but I am looking for someone to take over that responsibility.

[There is a slight pause.] Is anyone working on the farmlands outside the village? I am curious to know what crops are being grown out there.


[Albert isn't up to anything special today. He's finally getting around to taking care of and sharpening that sword he had asked Sokka for during that reality-shifting experiment. He can be found working on the steps of his house, looking the sword this way and that as he works on it; it's more work than he usually has to put into sharpening an axe.

Afterwards, he'll make his usual rounds of tending to his garden and checking on the stables. ...Which will lead to a trip to the grocery store, because the horses need more grains.]
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[An early birthday dinner. That was what Albert had proposed, knowing it was likely Caesar would want to nap as soon as he was full. And so, with Caesar's Luceti birthday having arrived, there were light preparations for a quiet celebration. After all, Silverbergs were intensely private as it was, so there would be no invited guests unless Caesar himself decided to invite them.]
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Welcome to all the New Feathers of this cycle. I am sure that residents, especially the volunteers working in the Welcome Center, have been helpful as you adjust to your surroundings.

Some may have noticed that there are stations some distance away from the village -- watch stations where New Feathers may find clothing or shelter. Residents may also use them as stopping points as they explore the surrounding forests and plains. They are maintained by a group of volunteers, which has been without a head organizer for a few months now. If anyone is interested in taking on this responsibility, please speak with me, Albert Silverberg.

Recent additions to the enclosure are the expansive farmlands to the northeast of the village. There are numbers of farm animals and growing crops up there that are in need of caretaking. While the village has the grocery store for easy access to food, I am sure some would relish opportunity to work with crops and animals.

If there are any questions about these subjects, they may be asked here. Thank you.


[Around noon, Albert may be found in the clothing store, looking for clothing for warmer weather. Maybe he'll attempt to tan this year. It's been awhile.

Later in the day, he will be in the stables tending to his horse. He will be out there for several hours before retiring for the evening to the house, reading a "Computers for Seniors for Dummies" book. Very funny, Bil.]
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This kind of entry makes a lot of sense, considering I'm hard to reach online. I should've made one of these sooner.

I'm pretty bad with getting back to tags; sometimes my attention span is terrible, and if I don't reply to a tag right away, I will forget about it entirely. Please feel free to ping me if you would like to continue a thread, or if you would like to presume something has happened as a result of a thread. I will backtag very old comments if there's interest.

Please leave a comment whenever you feel the need to do any of the following:
* Compliment or critique my playing of Albert (background, personality, knowledge, etc.)
* Brainstorm with me about Albert's relationship with your character (or other future plotting)
* Ask me to participate in a log
* Contact me for any other reason whatsoever

Comments are screened and anonymous comments are accepted.
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Got a reason to get in touch with Albert? Use this post to send a voiced or written message over the journal, or as a place to set up an action thread. These short messages or action threads can lead to journal entries, longer action posts, or logs.

Use the subject line to specify the date and method of contact, such as the following examples:

[action, March 24]
[written, July 10]
[voice, December 20]
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[Albert is still in the process of looking for books and notes that he has been missing since the Shift at the beginning of the week. He is rather obsessively looking for those replacements, heading to the library early in the day to look for books on history, geography, cartography... Many different subjects to improve his knowledge base.

While he is out, he takes a look at the festival preparations that are being made; with only two days until the festival, it's only going to get more busy in the town square. He might buy a bottle of wine from the bar for celebrating later on, and check with the City Watch's preparations if he happens to see Lightning around.

Later in the day though, he is back at the house; having received the message from Miss Sage yesterday, he has to wait for her to show up and collect her belongings.]

(AU notes for Albert)
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[He didn't send out an announcement of any kind when they returned home. Others had already announced their dead and offered any words of encouragement or frustration.

Instead, Albert spent the days following the draft ... working on his flower beds. March had brought with it a warm spell, meaning that his seeds would be germinating and eventually sprouting. This is also the time for pulling down the dried vines from his trellises.

It's a lot of work (and a lot of garden), so he'll be out and around the house until late in the day. It's as dusk approaches that he can be found sitting on the porch, watching three tiny owls perched on the porch fencing.]

...Welcome back.
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Filtered to the Malnosso | voice // unhackable )


[Snow. By now, it's not uncommon in Luceti -- in fact, it's only a month or two before the cold gives way for more rain showers than snow. That's what Albert thinks about as he walks outside, not on the structured paths of the main roads, but through the deep snow to the back of house 42. He looks dressed to be outside for awhile, looking out to the forest before focusing on the snow. After letting his owl out to go hunt, he begins methodically gathering the snow and piling it up.]
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[Takes place on the 28th.

Part of him is still surprised he made the suggestion a few days ago. If he tried to look for excuses, he could think of many -- the season, the new arrival of an ocean, the constant talk about holidays and good cheer. But whatever the reason, he had suggested to his housemates that they take their gift exchanging to an admittedly strange location: the mountain hot springs. And they had all agreed to it.

So in the early morning, he can be found in the clothing store looking for ... a pair of slippers. By noon, he will be on the way to the rec center to try out the teleporter and scope out the mountain hot springs for the first time.

And by mid-afternoon, he will be up in the mountains with his brother and Raine. Belatedly celebrating a holiday they don't know. Perhaps even celebrating the plaza fountain returning to normal after being shifted to resemble Bil for four days.]
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Has anyone attempted to contact the Organization about this situation?

[He has a feeling he knows the answer, but it doesn't hurt to ask.]


[Albert is experiencing déjà vu. The sudden influx of wingless arrivals, the calendar date... Was this what happened the two previous years, when there was that uncomfortable blank in all of their memories? For what reason were their memories tampered with when this happened?

He contemplates all of this from the house's porch, watching the heavy snowfall with a hot drink.]

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Memes, informational lists, and such.
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Professor Sage is missing -- has been missing since before the Halloween ball. Please keep an eye out for her, and others who went missing during the previous experiment, along with any possible New Feathers who may show up this month.

As a reminder, we have now entered the fourth cycle year as of October 26. Be sure to pick up a new calendar in the welcoming center or library.

Thank you.


[The sun is out, the effects are gone, and people are returning to their normal states. Despite all of that, Albert still finds himself somehow unsteady. Perhaps it has something to do with Rune being unable to find any of his brood. Perhaps it has something to do with the continued lack of presence from Epona's master. Perhaps...

He can be found between his house and community building 7, in the stables and corral he rebuilt with Link. Today he finds himself spending more time with Astrid and Epona, as if that will somehow make up for the fact that they had been left to fend for themselves in the fog. He even has his saddle if he feels like riding. His A tiny owl perches on a nearby fence post, outside for the first time in almost two weeks.

Like so many others, Albert is more than ready to put aside the stress caused by a handful of scientists. So instead, he reminisces over his three years in Luceti.]
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[Around mid-morning, Albert can be seen picking up small things in the plaza -- nails, pens, groceries. He doesn't often do this, but it's been a week since he gave Caesar the task of repairing the stable, so he finds himself inspecting and repairing the amateurish work. That requires a few extra building supplies. Might as well take advantage of how calm everything is with the New Feathers coming in, right?

Albert spends the afternoon pulling out half-bent nails and readjusting crooked wooden slats. He can't say that he's disappointed, since Caesar actually tried to rebuild the stable's roof, but he can have the opinion that did a really shabby job. Silverbergs were apparently not very good roof-builders.

In the evening, after dinner, he'll be found up on house 42's roof, having climbed up through the skylight. It's something he's never really taken advantage of, and yet there's something familiar about it. He remains out there for a good while, almost meditating.]
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[He had awoken before the sun had set, in time to see Yuber attempting to write out his boredom over the journals. Just dealing with that conversation had been exhausting, and he had rested again before finally getting out of his room. And out of the house. How long had he been out and bedridden? Long enough to miss the monsters disappearing and the village being repaired, apparently.

His flowers had been pretty ravaged by the earthquake. He nudges at the broken flowers with his shoe, then ignores them in favor of the slowly blooming moonflowers on the trellises. Something familiar and yet new, after the chaotic happenings. An earthquake, John's recovery, monsters, a stab in the chest... Too much for one month.

He flexes his right gloved hand restlessly, a slight wind picking up as he looks skyward. The clouds would move in soon, and tomorrow would be overcast.

They would block out those damn stars.]

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How is everyone doing? It appears there are no aftershocks to speak of, but the ground has worn away since the initial earthquake. The rivers have overflowed in some areas, eroding the riversides.

The Blue Rogues are organized to rescue people. I'm sure there are others who have pulled together to help out and salvage homes; let me know so their services can be listed as well.

Dr. McCoy has arranged an emergency clinic in the barracks to the south of the village, as the normal clinic has been wrecked along with the majority of the plaza. Healers and others with medical experience, please report to him.

Guy Cecil and Sir Labrador have offered controlled spaces for temporary housing. I have heard that there are undamaged community buildings; I need confirmation on which buildings can house survivors, and who will take charge of organizing those premises.

The stores in the plaza are no longer producing more items and food. I need a group that can ration supplies and organize perishable and nonperishable food; we do not know how long we will need to survive this way.

I also require a few quick scouts to travel the perimeter of the barrier and check for anything unusual. If there are holes in the barrier, we need to be aware of them as soon as possible.

Those who are participating in the emergency digging, I would like to talk to you in person. I have some notes that may assist you.

If there are any other issues that the village at large should be aware of, let me know. I will keep references as best I can.

[added later]

Community building 6 has been confirmed as stable for holding displaced residents. If someone would like to volunteer to organize the building, contact me.

Derek has suggested that someone familiar with recognizing edible plants assist with rations. If there is anyone who will lend their knowledge, we can begin supplementing the existing food supply.

Filtered to the Malnosso | voice // unhackable )


[After the earthquake totaled house 42, Albert brought Raine down to the barracks so she could be kept with the injured. He will be near the barracks, tending to a dirty, skittish, but uninjured horse until he receives word from diggers.]
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[Today Albert is in the sitting room of his house, leafing through a few books idly. The weather is disappointingly rainy for summer, but it's a pleasant change from the heat earlier in the week.

Eventually, he will fall asleep on the couch. It was just supposed to be a nap -- half an hour at most. But that half an hour turns into a whole hour. And then two. (This may even repeat in his bedroom later on.)

Sometime later in the evening, he will write in his journal.]

Accomplishments could be said to be life's milestones. Some are far apart, and others are so close together that they may very well overlap. Some may be considered mundane, and others utterly unique to your circumstances.

If you are willing, I would like to hear of a mundane accomplishment. Something that others could relate to. I will share one of my own: I graduated from school as a teenager.
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[What a wonderful afternoon. The sun is shining, the sky has cleared up, and the ground is drying after two days of rain. And Albert is around the village today, weaving through the streets and between houses and even to the edges of the forest.

Little do people know that Albert received a beautiful flower last night, and he happened to smell it. When he awoke up the morning, getting out of his room proved to be an ... arduous battle. And getting out the front door? Well, he had at least discovered what a doorknob was by then.

He has a vague, wondrous look on his face as he looks at swaying tree branches and flowers he would have otherwise ignored. His hair is in slight disarray, as if he had rolled out of bed and fought his way through a bedroom door. His clothes are in a similar state, and notably the same as the ones he had been wearing last night.

This isn't strange at all.

He will be wandering around for the entire afternoon. Attempts to talk to or capture the 6'1" strategist will be bizarre. ...And he won't be returned home until sunset or so.]
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[Now that things have calmed down around the village and the rain from earlier in the week has dried, Albert is getting around to cleaning up his poor garden. Long-wilted white and blue moonflowers and morning glories litter his garden where trellises are propped up next to them, so he's pruning and plucking them out from between the growing flowers.

His horse is hanging around the house today, eating from a bale of hay.

It's a pretty idle scene on a sunny day. At least he's not closed up in his room, reading old books and drinking wine. That can be saved for tomorrow, when the weather's even warmer.]
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[Despite the overcast skies threatening to turn into rain on Saturday, Albert is out and in his yard. He has cleared out Astrid's old stable and now sits on a bale of hay in front of it. There's a perfectly usable stool right inside the entrance, but the bale of hay is larger and better supports his tall frame.

He glances at his garden, considering working on it today. Instead, he mutters a compliment to Faeren for her assistance with his plants, then leans against the outside of the stable. He then glances at his journal, laying on the bale of hay next to him. There's a lot of things he could be doing today, including riding with Astrid or going grocery shopping. Neither really sounds appealing right now.

He's still feeling that training session from three days ago.]
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Everyone drafted out to Desset City should be accounted for by now. My gratitude to those who successfully worked together while we were out there.

I am sure there are residents and recent arrivals who may have questions about the situation and what we encountered out there. As longer-term residents may remember, we first encountered an army of cultists last autumn -- these cultists are referred to as the Third Party. The members of the Third Party, unlike us, have the ability to fly and Shift their surroundings. The scientists keeping us in this barrier, the Malnosso, drafted several of us to head out to another settlement.

We have been told that Desset City, the location we were sent to, was one of several settlements outside of our village. It was unlike anything seen within our barrier prison. The troops we met were an occupational force, maintaining patrols and one major base of operations that became apparent towards the end of our campaign. Despite the Third Party having a greater number of troops, we prevailed. The arrival of electricity and appliances coincide with our successful return.

Of note is the fact that draftees who initially refused were dragged by force onto the battlefield. These reluctant draftees were given less time to prepare, and included the likes of children. If you are drafted in the future, be aware that refusal does not appear to be a valid option. You will be taken and put to work, or you will be killed out there.

The New Feather cycle should begin shortly, so everyone should be on alert and maintaining their patrol schedules. This is especially important with the heightened amount of conflict in Luceti. Patrols should be properly equipped for skirmishes by now, so I'll forgo any other needless reminders.

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