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House #42 floor plan

Rooms (based on central room)
Northwest = Albert's room
West = Caesar's room
Southwest = Raine's room
North = bathroom
Center = Genis' former room
South = sitting room
Northeast = kitchen
East = dining room
Southeast = foyer

Albert's Room
* ...Albert got rid of one of his chairs after the incident of appearing in his room with Caesar already sleeping on his bed. The chair has been moved to the vacant room, which soon became Caesar's room again.
* Albert has a lot of furniture, but none of the drawers are actually full.
* He keeps Caesar's old notes and drawings (the latter from an experiment when Caesar was turned into a child) in one of his desk drawers.
* His wardrobe has a lock on it. His more important items, such as his coats, spyglass, and collected rune scrolls, are in there. He also keeps items from past experiments, such as the ocean map of the Island Nations (his "useless prize" from John's amusement park vacation), a bottle of the Dragobete wine, and the dried snowdrops from Dragobete. A more complete list can be found here.
* The nightstand by his bed is from Caesar's old room.
* He keeps the maps and game pieces of Mark's strategy game in the big set of drawers by the window. Some of the maps are small enough for his shelf, but he has to go to dining room or the library for using the bigger maps.
* There are electrical outlets to the west and eastern walls, as well as on the southern wall under Albert's desk.

Caesar's Room
Notes and room layout by Trap
* Albert stole the nightstand from here.
* The window seat is identical to the one in Raine's room.
* Caesar's room is kept surprisingly clean. It could be because he's relatively organized. Or maybe it's because he doesn't have much in his room to begin with.
* Albert gave him the plant by his desk as a gift. He acts like it's not a big deal, but its care is a priority.
* He likes to lay down on the rug in the middle of his room. A lot.
* Even so, just about anywhere is fair game when it's time for a nap.
* The chair from Albert's room doesn't see much use, but that's okay. It's totally worth keeping around.
* Contrary to popular belief, books do exist in this room. They serve their purpose. On occasion.

Raine's Room
Notes and room layout by Sapph
* Raine's room used to be cluttered with papers, but Albert made her get rid of it. The paperwork she keeps now is better organized and less scattered, and kept to the desk area. More important notes are kept hidden elsewhere.
* The windowseat is actually big enough for her to fall asleep on. ... And yes, she has.
* She keeps her mother's doll buried at the bottom of the chest beside her bed. It keeps finding its way out during inopportune moments.
* She has a small vanity table, but doesn't really make much use of it.
* One of the cabinets actually contains art supplies, which she takes out occasionally during attempts to 'relax'. The rest of the space is just waiting to be filled with relics, but she hasn't had luck with that in Luceti.

* Yep, separate shower and bathtub.
* The large corner sink was used for washing clothes in the past. It doesn't see as much use nowadays with the washer and dryer installed.
* The hamper is rarely ever full of clothes.
* The cabinet holds extra towels and an extra rug.
* There is a double-door medicine cabinet above the sink. The cabinet doors are mirrors.
* The full-length mirror on the wall across from the sink was a casualty in the installation of the washer and dryer, and is no longer there. Albert debates whether or not to install a new one somewhere.

Vacant Room
* Formerly Genis' room.
* There are no windows, but there is a skylight that can be accessed with a ladder kept in the room.
* The empty space in the middle of the room is for setting up that ladder.
* There are outlets in there somewhere, but that will be left to whoever ends up living in that room.

Living Room and Foyer
* Everyone takes care of the houseplants out in the common rooms.
* Albert tends to be the one who chops wood for the fireplace.
* The foyer rug has been around since Caesar and Ran initially moved into the house.
* The folding screen is used for privacy and trying to keep the heat focused in one area.
* It's a small wonder Raine's able to do any work on that coffee table.
* The foyer closet holds a lot of items, such as Astrid's saddle and other tack, an axe, a lantern, and extra firewood.
* The foyer has light switches for the ceiling lights in the foyer, sitting room, and dining room.

Dining Room
* Despite the fact that they have a fully-furnished dining room, it largely goes unused.
* There are two light switches that control the ceiling light in the dining room -- one is in the foyer and the other is in the kitchen.

* There is a light over the sink with the light switch right next to it. For some reason.
* The water heater for the bathroom and kitchen is inside the pantry.

* The porch is covered.
* There is a small vegetable garden with herbs near the front door. Among these vegetables are carrots and tomatoes.
* The flower garden is largely Albert's project. Among the flowers he keeps are poppies (red and white) and marigolds.
* There are trellises set up along the southern side of the house. During the warmer months, they are full of morning glories and moonflowers.
* The stable next to the house is largely empty now that Astrid has been moved to a bigger stable between house 42 and community building 7 (approximately 6 minutes of walking down the road).